The Clean House Challenge

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Below are our next Clean House Challengers!

Wow! Thanks to everyone who voted and spread the word about LCV Action Fund's Clean House Challenge, we had over 10,000 votes submitted in support of 10 pro-environment candidates! LCV Action Fund is excited to announce this year's winners. The candidate who received the most votes will receive $5,000 via the LCV Action Fund, the candidate in second place will receive $2,500, and third place will receive $1,000 for their campaign. Congratulations, Patrick Murphy, Tammy Duckworth, and Julia Brownley, we are looking forward to a Clean House in 2013!

Want to chip in as well? Click here to make a gift to individual candidates via GiveGreen.

Patrick Murphy [FL-18]

As part of his work on environmental cleanup, Patrick Murphy spent months in the Gulf of Mexico leading efforts to remove oil spilled during the BP oil disaster. Murphy is challenging freshman Rep. Allen West, who earned an abysmal 11% score on LCV's Scorecard, and voted to cut billions in funding for energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Tammy Duckworth [IL-8]

As a veteran, Tammy Duckworth understands that reducing our dependence on foreign oil is beneficial to both our national security and the health of our environment. Duckworth is challenging freshman Rep. Joe Walsh, who has earned an abysmal 3% lifetime score on LCV's Scorecard.

Julia Brownley [CA-26]

State Assemblywoman Julia Brownley earned a stellar 99% lifetime score on the 2011 California Environmental Scorecard, a score indicative of her strong record of protecting the environment and public health. Brownley is challenging Republican state Senator Tony Strickland, whose anti-environmental record earned a dismal lifetime score of 7% on the Scorecard.